Are there Limitations to Stripper Shows in Newcastle?

Are there Limitations to Stripper Shows in Newcastle?

Watching a stripper show live is one of the most liberating experiences for anyone. It’s a great way to feast your imagination with whatever you might yearn for. No strip club in Newcastle is the same, and you can enjoy what each one has to offer to find which one suits your tastes and preferences. […]

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How to Make Sure your Best Mate has a Fun and Safe Bucks Party

Your best mate is getting married, and you had been chosen as his best man. While being handpicked can be heart-warming, it comes with great responsibility. As his best man, you are tasked with the planning, conceptualising, and the implementation of a fun buck’s party. Your best mate’s buck’s party is his last hurrah for […]

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Best Stripper Movies to Watch

October 30, 2019 stripper movies

Hollywood has long since been intrigued by the world of strippers. Let’s admit it, they live in a strange, yet exotic and dangerous world. Not everyone has the looks and the talent to be strippers. Stripper movies allow us to see their lives from their point of view. Though some are a bit unrealistic, they […]

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Tips to Maintain a Male Stripper Body

September 23, 2019 Male strippers

At the deepest corner of a man’s desire is to have a perfect body that every woman lusts for. Some people may think that these thoughts are just carnal or immature. But it’s actually a good motivation to improve not only your career as a male stripper but also your self-esteem and health. For these […]

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7 Crucial Things to Know Before You Become a Stripper

August 1, 2019 Becoming a Stripper

While stripping may look like it’s all about dancing onstage and giving lap dances while nude, there’s truly so much more to this competitive sales job than what everyone thinks. Selling your time and company to a stranger while in a highly-stigmatised environment isn’t easy. It requires a healthy body, sharp mind, and indomitable will. […]

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Common Misconceptions about Strippers

July 25, 2019 Facts About Strippers

Contrary to what most people believe, strippers aren’t party girls and prostitutes who earn money getting naked so they can feed their addictions. Newcastle strippers, as with other workers in the adult industry, are people too, like you and me. They just happen to work a different line of job. Strippers face judgement from strangers, […]

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Booking a Stripper: Tips for First Timers

June 9, 2019 Booking Tips

Never booked a stripper, but want to? Don’t worry because it’s very easy! If you are tasked with the responsibility of organising a party, you may feel stressed out with so many things to do. However, there are simple ways to cross one important thing off your to-do list: booking a male or female stripper. […]

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Pole Dancing vs. Lap Dances

May 9, 2019 newcastle strippers

If you are looking for the most enticing erotic entertainment around, then striptease is the performance you are looking for. Striptease offer a sensuality you just can’t find in other forms of dance. These seductive performances, after all, are meant to tease you through stripping. In striptease, the show goes on as the clothes go […]

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Beauty Tips for Strippers

April 23, 2019 Tips

Being a stripper is a one-of-a-kind job. It requires a lot of effort and energy. It can be both physically and emotionally exhausting, so strippers have to take good care of their bodies. A good beauty regimen does not only enhance your physical features but can also make you feel more confident about yourself. But […]

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Using Dominatrix Moves in the Strip Club

March 4, 2019 Female Strippers

There is nothing sexier than a woman who feels empowered. This is the main concept of a dominatrix. The dominant role of a woman in her own show is an important element for the success of a strip club. Being able to get the audience to submit and enjoy the moment while being under a […]

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