Female Fatagrams

Fatagrams are the Perfect Payback Time!

The lucky buck may have found the love of his life so it’s time to take away some of that luck by embarrassing him for the last time in front of all the boys! Our female fatagram is a BBW model and Newcastle stripper, renowned fatagram, Bella Bee.

newcastle fatagram

Oozing with beauty, talent, and, well, fats, Bella Bee will bring the buck or the birthday boy extreme humiliation. Bella Bee is big and towering but she can do just as many things as the fit and sexy strippers could. She can be a dominatrix and punishing. She can be sweet, gentle, and a real tease. Our girl Bella Bee is professional and we request that you afford her the respect she deserves while she steals the spotlight.

Bella Bee puts on an incredible show that will be memorable to each person in the room. As you can see from the photos and videos, Bella Bee is an experienced stripper who knows exactly how to entertain and win over a crowd. She knows how to have fun and to extend that to everyone else in the room. Bella Bee is a born entertainer and the perfect choice of entertainment for your next event!