10 Reasons You Should Hire a Stripper For a Stag Party

10 Reasons You Should Hire a Stripper For a Stag Party -
January 30, 2018 Hire a Stripper

It seems more and more in the modern age that every decision has to be run through a committee. Is this okay, will that cause a problem, who will find that problematic?

The carefree days of living your best life and then working out if it really was the best decision seem to be hindered.

Which brings you to the question, should I hire a stripper for a stag party? Isn’t that a thing of the past? Isn’t’ that problematic?

Well, no. Not even a little. And we’ll tell you why you should get over that preconception and hire the talented entertainers to entertain your party guests.

Yes, Hire a Stripper

A stag party expands beyond a typical night out. It expands beyond a gathering of friends for a weekend. A stag party should be a celebration of years of friendships and what the past has meant, and will mean, to the future.

An important occasion demands something extra, so go out and get that something extra. Here are 10 reasons why you absolutely should hire a stripper for a stag party.

1. It’s Fun

When you hire a stripper you let the party guests know that the event has something extra to it. Whether it is the central piece of entertainment or one of many, it leaves an impression.

When anyone asks about a part where someone took the initiative to hire a stripper, there is always a brief smile of remembrance. That’s because a party with a stripper is the party of parties. They don’t happen often, and when they do, they are extraordinary.

2. It’s Funny

These are professional entertainers. They don’t exist in a bubble and the industry has come a long way to provide quality services that are memorable and unique.

It takes a sense of humor to get by in life, and it takes a sense of humor to see the joy that a wild party can bring to your life.

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3. Performance Art

Strippers like to perform, it is how most of them get into the business. Acts vary in many ways and some activities common in a modern stripper show may surprise you.

Whether you look at a stripper as an exotic entertainment, a funny entertainment, or a unique entertainment there are performers and performance types to fit the bill.

4. They Break Tension

You’ve seen it before. The scene in a movie where everyone gathers together, but nobody quite knows why. There is that silence that permeates the scene before music cuts through.

A dancer emerges and the smiles spread and everyone understands that the excitement has begun.

For those withdrawn types, sometimes lost in their thoughts and heads, a signal is needed. When you hire a stripper for a stag, you give a clear signal that awkward phase is over and people can be themselves.

5. It’s Exciting

Speaking of getting past the awkward phase, any pent-up emotional issues, that combination of sadness and hope that sending a buddy off to marriage can provoke get transformed. It is a fight or flight kind of response. Once flight is out of the question, the excitement builds and the rowdy bits start.

6. They’re Honest

Strippers have heard it all. They have seen it all. They have an opinion on it all.

People that work around dancers and entertainers often relate stories about how bald-faced and honest they are. If you want to have a no-nonsense conversation, a stripper will accommodate.

Once you are comfortable enough taking off your clothes for a crowd, you don’t tend to hold much back in your conversational observations.

7. They’re Talented and they Know It

As mentioned, strippers have talents. They get into the business to show off those skills and get paid for them. Entertainers balk at the idea they are destitute or need the cash.

These people know what they can do, and what that is worth. To hire a stripper is to hire a world class entertainer that gives small house shows. If strippers were a band you would be kicking yourself for seeing them in the stadium when you can see them in the small venues.

8. It’s a Memorable Experience

A stag party with a stripper makes a great story. The kind of story you can bring up again and again with your friends. Every time someone will remember one more detail from that night, something you may not have noticed. Each time it will get a bit grander.

Sharing experiences with friends is the point of a party. So, have the kind of party that creates a memorable experience.

9. Cultural Expectation

What else can we say? It may be less popular than it once was, but strippers at a stag represent a type of cultural resonance. The end of stuffier, more prudish eras gave way to parties where people could really feel themselves.

Though other activities will also be in the mix, having adult entertainment at a party elevates what that party means. Sending a friend off and the various things that can mean represent change. That change might be you seeing them less to seeing yourself grow older.

Becoming an adult means a lot of things. Being responsible for your own definition of a great night out should be defined by you.

10. It’s Affordable

It costs less to hire a stripper than you might think. Statistics show that people spend an average of $850 per person on a stag party.

while some people may enjoy a nice meal or a night in a major city for that money, you can spend that on so much more.

Bottom line, why pay for gimmicks and feel goods when you can pay for excitement and memories. You can do dinner any time, a stag party only happens a few times in your life.

Act Now!

Check out our catalog of strippers available in your area. Send us a message and ask some follow up questions.

Don’t just say to yourself that you’ll think about it, get going. Plan that party. Hire a stripper, live the kind of life you tell yourself you want to live!

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