Are there Limitations to Stripper Shows in Newcastle?

Watching a stripper show live is one of the most liberating experiences for anyone. It’s a great way to feast your imagination with whatever you might yearn for. No strip club in Newcastle is the same, and you can enjoy what each one has to offer to find which one suits your tastes and preferences. However, this degree of freedom leaves us with a question: are there any restrictions to stripper shows in Newcastle? Let us find out.

Legal Age

Before you even plan to go to a strip show, the first thing you need to ask yourself is: ‘am I old enough for adult entertainment?’ Despite the age of consent being 16 years old in NSW, 16-year-olds cannot get into strip clubs. Most strip clubs across Australia only allow people of 18 years and above. A few establishments even have a higher age limit at 21 years old. Most strip clubs serve alcohol and that means they cannot have people younger than 18 on the premises.

Degree of Nudity in Performance

Different types of strip clubs can present various degrees of nudity. Some strip all the way down while others keep wearing a G-string as they do their act. Topless is the most common, while some clubs can get permits to go fully nude. You might want to know more about the strip club you are planning to get into to find out if it suits your taste. There are also different ways in which strippers perform their striptease. Among the most common props are pole dancing, chairs, and lap dances.

Proper Etiquette during Strip Shows

There are a couple of widely known strip club rules one must always be aware of and practice. One is to never ask for the stripper’s real name. This respects their personal lives as they present a different persona on the stripper stage.

Are there Limitations to Stripper Shows in Newcastle? -

It is also a big no to ask for sexual encounters as their job is limited to stripping. These are professional strippers who are trained by reputable companies to uphold their values, so don’t bother wasting your time and theirs asking for sexual favours.

On the Use of Phones

If you visit strip clubs frequently, then you should know by now that they have specific rules on your use of phones. In some clubs, you can freely use your phone to call and message your friends. But in others, they will have you turn your phone off. That’s because in most adult establishments, taking photos and videos is strictly prohibited. Moreover, the use of phones is also quite disrespectful towards the stripper on stage. If you really need to take a call or send a message, you can step away for a while.

Proper Attire in a Strip Club

As a strip club patron, it is your responsibility to dress appropriately. If you think that your sneakers and jeans will suit you in strip shows, think again. They just seem out of place in a strip club, and they are hotter and heavier for you to wear.

Are there Limitations to Stripper Shows in Newcastle? -

While many strip clubs won’t check on your attire, some clubs have certain dress codes. Most of these high-end clubs are gentlemen’s clubs that have particular dress codes.

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The limitations to strip shows mentioned above are not meant to put you off. They are there to make sure that everyone will feel safe, secure, and satisfied.

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