Tips to Maintain a Male Stripper Body

how to newcastle maintain a male stripper body
September 23, 2019 Male strippers

At the deepest corner of a man’s desire is to have a perfect body that every woman lusts for. Some people may think that these thoughts are just carnal or immature. But it’s actually a good motivation to improve not only your career as a male stripper but also your self-esteem and health.

For these dreams to actually come true, you need discipline and dedication. These values are essential in taking the journey towards having that perfect body. That journey begins with changing your lifestyle.

Here are three lifestyle changes you need to make to have that perfect male stripper body:

Adjust your diet

newcastle male stripper diet

Fewer carbs, more protein

The key to losing weight is protein, which is the bodybuilding source you need to be muscular. While carbohydrates are a readily available energy source, you might want to eat less and opt for ‘clean’ carbs such as fresh fruits and brown rice. Invest in white meat such as fish, chicken, or turkey. Red meats are harder to digest, but make sure you choose lean and less fatty cuts. Other healthy protein sources are nuts and seeds.

Less fat, more greens

To aid your digestion, make sure to consume fibre-rich leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and collard greens. Eat vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower, or other fibre sources such as oats, beans, and seeds.

Less sugary drinks, more water

An active man like you needs a lot of water to replenish all the fluid lost through sweating. Choose water whenever you can. But always avoid drinking sugary drinks and opt for unsweetened coffee, tea, or fruit juices if you can’t. The technique to feel full when eating is to drink a glass of water before meals. Also, don’t forget to hydrate yourself after a good workout to avoid muscle cramps as well.

Maintain your figure

newcastle male stripper exercises

Buff up your upper torso (abs, pecs, arms, and back).

Oh, what a hunk you will be with the six-pack abs women want to see first. Remember to do a full ab workout, from upper, middle, lower, and obliques. The secret is to do a lot of repetitions even if you start small, and change up your exercises each day. Work your whole upper torso by doing body-weight exercises.

Do not skip leg day.

While the upper body is what girls look at first, your legs should also be sculpted. You might end up looking like Johnny Bravo if you don’t do exercises such as squats, leg presses, kicks, and lunges. You may also do plyometric workouts such as jump ropes, running on stairs, or high knees to simultaneously work on your cardio.

Work on your endurance.

As a stripper who does a lot of dancing the entire night, you will need good stamina. While women love men with fantastic physique, they’ll love you even more if you can last longer and keep the energy no matter how long you dance. In improving your muscle endurance, you need lighter weights and more repetitions of your exercises. Have variations in your exercise routine and do a cardio workout in between your sculpting/strengthening exercises.

Groom your body

newcastle male stripper grooming

Shave your body hair.

For some, body hair can be attractive on men. However, if you do stripping, it’s better to have smooth and shiny skin that is appealing to touch. There are also other methods to remove unwanted hair such as trimming, waxing, and laser treatment.

Moisturise your skin.

Smooth flawless skin is a must for male strippers. Though it seems difficult to maintain, all you really need is consistent use of body lotion to keep your skin moisturised.

Maintain good hygiene.

Even if men are not known to be super hygienic, women will always be drawn to clean men. That is why it is important to regularly trim your nails, brush your teeth, use mouthwash and floss, and keep your eyes, nose, and ears clean.

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