5 Fun Ideas for Your Best Girlfriends 30th Birthday Party

5 Fun Ideas for Your Best Girlfriends 30th Birthday Party -
October 28, 2017 Party Ideas

We don’t usually look forward to celebrating our 30th birthday because it reminds us of how fast time is ticking.

However, this event is worth celebrating because it is a milestone that represents how much wiser we have become through the years. 

Ideas for an unforgettable birthday

If your best girlfriend is about to turn 30, this is also a great opportunity to let her know how much you cherish the bond you’ve shared! Here are five 30th birthday party ideas to make her feel even more special.

  • 30 Birthday Wishes for your Best Girlfriend

You can request guests to write their wishes for the birthday celebrant on note cards then attach them to balloons filled with helium. The balloons will then be released from an open field.

This idea is an excellent activity to be done in a family-friendly birthday party since people from all ages will enjoy writing in note cards for the balloons. You can set the colour of the balloons in accordance with the favourite colour of your best friend. Pink and gold is a great combination.

  • Portable 30th Birthday Party Kit

Chances are high that by the time you turn 30, a lot of your friends have already transferred to a different city, or are busy with their jobs, husbands, and children. If meeting up with them is not possible, or some important people cannot make it to the party, you can just bring the party to their own home!

Create a 30th birthday party kit: a box filled with fun props for photo op, candy treats, goodies, and other party favours. Send the kits to their home address and request them to send back photographs of their celebration. Upload all of the pictures in an album at your favourite social media website so that everybody can reminisce about the fun times you had in your wild and exciting 20’s.

  • Do-it-Yourself Photo Collage

If it is ok for you to stick the hardcopies of your best friend’s picture on the wall then you might want to display them in such a way that they will spell out the number 30. This is a great 30th birthday party decoration that is best appreciated from a distance.

Make sure that you pick the most interesting pictures of the birthday celebrant so that people will have a conversation starter while looking at them. You can also make an outline of the number 30 and place an Instax right next to it. This will serve as a photo booth where people can take pictures with the Instax and post the photos to form the number 30.

  • Adult Sleepover

Who says only kids can have sleepovers? This is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your best girlfriends since most of you have been busy with your career, family, and other activities. Make the sleepover even more fun by preparing good food such as beer ice cream floats and pizza, and downloading the best Netflix movies.

As a bonus, the adult slumber party will give you the excuse to look for a new pair of adorable pyjamas and stylish slippers.

  • Dirty Thirty Birthday Party

Do you know what word perfectly rhymes with the word ‘thirty’? Dirty. Dirty 30 parties have been increasing in popularity nowadays. You can interpret this idea in two ways: you can go with the soil implication and bake cupcakes with lolly snakes, gummy worms, and other edible dirt desserts. You could also go for the debauchery type of party.

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There are a lot of 30th birthday party ideas you can do. It is just a matter of tapping the right resources to achieve your idea. Call us for help with party planning, or whenever you’re ready to hire a stripper or waiter for your next amazing night. Enjoy!

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