Booking a Stripper: Tips for First Timers

booking newcastle strippers first time tips
June 9, 2019 Booking Tips

Never booked a stripper, but want to? Don’t worry because it’s very easy! If you are tasked with the responsibility of organising a party, you may feel stressed out with so many things to do. However, there are simple ways to cross one important thing off your to-do list: booking a male or female stripper.

Some people may hate this task because they find it embarrassing or too big of a decision, among other reasons. Other people enjoy it because they get to pick the stripper for the party (which is actually the most fun because they are the life of the party). No matter how you feel about it, we’re here to give stripper booking tips for first-timers.

Prepare for your stripper

prepare for your stripper

Remember that you pay for a stripper for a set time, and you wouldn’t want to spend the bulk of it getting ready. Your stripper may also have other bookings for the night, so use your time wisely. Before the stripper arrives, make sure you set up the dancing space and props like the middle chair for the guest of honour. Don’t forget to provide a dressing room, staging area, or powder room for your stripper to get dressed.

Know your guests

know your guests

As the master of the party, the enjoyment of the guests is also in your hands. Because you will be preparing a special night, you don’t want stripping that may be too subtle or too wild for your audience’s taste. You and your group of friends may also have a preference when it comes to physical features, skin complexion, or hair colour. It is also important to make a head count on the number of attendees to know how many strippers to hire.

Know how to treat your stripper

know how to treat your stripper

If it’s your first time at a stripper party, there are certain rules to live by. Be aware of stripper etiquette like not asking for their personal number, real name, or making sexual requests. Basically, it’s all about treating your stripper with respect as they are professional entertainers making a living. Also set limitations beforehand, especially when it comes to the extent of stripping and the kind of dance you would want them to do as each is charged differently.

Make sure everyone knows the rules

make sure everyone knows the rules

Being in charge of the party also means being in charge of the guests. As the best man or maid of honour, it is also your job to monitor alcohol consumption and the guest’s behaviour. Let them know during the party about the things they are allowed to do with the stripper such as lap dances, etc. Make sure there are no unruly or offensive acts to stop the fun, and your hired stripper will surely make it a memorable time.

Slip traditional tips

slip traditional tips

Even if you are already paying for a privately hired stripper, it is also traditional to slip some bills on their G string. This will bring extra energy and life to the party. Besides, what’s a stripping party without flying cash, right? Make sure your party goers are up to the fun task of pulling a G string to put in some cash. Consider this a tip you give just like in any other services rendered to you.

Always have a plan B

plan b

Just like any other profession, emergencies can sometimes happen and your stripper may not be able to make it. It could become stressful as everything else is already set for the party, and it’s usually last minute. There is no need to worry if you are hiring from a reputable company because they will offer a replacement right away.

Hire Newcastle Strippers with these easy steps

As the saying goes, you always remember the first time. Make your first stripper experience a blast with Newcastle Strippers. With our motto: ‘tease not sleaze,’ our Newcastle Strippers will give you the performance you’ve been missing since now. Contact us today at 0402 142 056 or email to book for your very first stripper.

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