Choosing a Stripper Name

choosing a newcastle stripper name
January 9, 2019 Becoming a Stripper

Getting into the adult entertainment industry requires a lot of preparation. Some of the things you need to work on include fitness, entertaining skills, and strong determination. Are you ready to take on the challenge? But first, it’s time to choose a stripper name!

Tips on choosing your stripper name

A lot of thought must be put into a stripper name. It must draw the attention of your target clients. Your name must sound pleasing and attractive. Yet, at the same time, it must be easy to remember.

A good female or male stripper name might be your ticket to successful in the entertainment business. Remember that some of your clients will know only your name before they see you perform. As such, it is important that you sound like a good and interesting stripper when they call you.

As your stripper name will become your identity in your work, it should represent who you are as a stripper. It also separates your work from your personal life as you use this name to keep your real identity private.

While there are many fun stripper name generators online like this one from Buzzfeed or this one from Rum and Monkey, you might want to personally think of a name that would best suit you, and is convenient for you to use. Here are some tips and easy steps to help you choose a stripper name.

1. Check out other names at Newcastle Strippers.

The first step, really, is to get a feel of the stripper names that are commonly used in your community. Some strippers use a stage name which is close to a real name. Not only does this keep clients from asking for your real name, but it also sounds more personal than a stage name that normally pertains to objects. Playful stage names, on the other hand, may sound more witty and interesting. You may use a mix of both to act as a first name and a second name.

Another reason why it is important to check out other Newcastle Strippers is to find out if anyone already has a stripper name that is similar to what you have in mind. Avoid choosing names that rhyme with other stripper names to avoid confusion.

newcastle stripper name

2. Choose a name that best suits your personality.

To make sure that the name you choose fits your personality, make a list of your qualities first. Include characteristics that set you apart and think of words that will best represent it. For example, you might want to use Ruby, Scarlet or Fire if you have red hair. You can also choose based on names commonly used in the genre of music you would want to dance to. Is it classic, romantic songs, pop, country, or hip hop? Your stripper name can also be based on the image you want to project. Is it sweet like Sugar, Candy, or Cupcake, or wild like Daredevil, Storm, or Tiger? Befriend the dictionary or thesaurus because you might get ideas from there!

Some strippers also use a stage name that is close to their real name. This way, it would not be too difficult for them to adjust to their new name. The stripper name may have the same first letter of your real name, may sound like it, or be a nickname you do not really use. An example would be Ashlee for Andie, or Tyler for Taylor, Lisa for Melissa, and the like.

3. Try your stripper name.

Once you have made a list and narrowed it down, try to test out the names first. Even if you have already chosen one, it is still best if you ask a few friends to call you by that name. This way, you can get a feel if the stripper name you chose really represents you. You can also look into the mirror and call yourself by your chosen name before heading out for work. This helps in getting used to your new name and internalising your new identity.

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