Commonly-Used Props by Strippers

Commonly-Used Props by Strippers
October 20, 2018 Strip Show

Strippers have performed for private and public adult entertainment, and for decades now, the strip clubs in Newcastle have been bringing the party every night.

Performers are always looking at ways to innovate and make sure the show never gets stale. From lewd pasties and G-strings to complete nudity, here are some of the most common props used by strippers to give their customers the night they will never forget.

Themed costumes

From skimpy schoolgirls to nurses to cops, anything that shows some skin will get the customers riled up and begging for more. Everyone has their own likes and fetishes, and it’s better to get everyone’s preference as much as possible. You will get to see more of these in private shows and rooms.

These outfits are matched with make-ups and body glitters. Not only does this highlight the assets of the performers, but it also makes them shine when the spotlight hits the stage. The glitzy performance of these entertainment gods and goddesses is sure to make your mouth water.

For private events such as hens’ night or bucks’ night, some themes and preferences can be arranged. At Newcastle strippers, we offer entertainment services like female strippers, male strippers, topless waiters and waitresses, and so much more. Speak with us about to find out more. Contact us while you plan your next party.

Less cloth, more skin

Bikini briefs or G-strings? Brassieres or pasties? Of course, we want to see more! Of skin, that is. The real reason patrons visit strip clubs is to feast their eyes on wonders of the flesh. G-strings are more sought after than regular undies for covering the privates, as are pasties more than bras in covering up those nipples. These garments are way easier to tease and strip with, making the stripper’s job easier, and everyone else more satisfied.

Kinky accessories

To better match these costumes, strippers use corresponding accessories to complete their persona. What is a slutty cop without those handcuffs? What is a sexy nurse without a stethoscope? These accessories are used in the female stripper’s act to make it more lively and interesting.

Accessories do not need to follow a certain theme. As long as they are used well in the act, these accessories will be great. For example, a furry scarf can be wrapped around a customer’s nape as the stripper for hire drags it and bends over.

props by strippers

The pole

It’s a classic. Strippers are well known to dance and tease around the pole. They hold, climb, swing, slide, and grind themselves onto it as they perform the show. Who could forgive them for doing so? The mere idea of a gorgeous beauty playing around a long pole makes them think about their own poles.

Whatever you can find in the room!

Who says a stripper needs a specific this or that? Anything imaginable that a stripper can work with is a great tool to make the moment more interesting.

It does not have to be intentionally flashy; as long as the stripper uses it well to make the act sexier. A simple chair can be a throne with a right queen sitting on it and taking it all for herself. A bottle of champagne can be placed between the thighs and popped at the right moment. Even the floor will be envied by customers with a stripper arched back all over it. Only your imagination will be your limit.

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There are more things that you can find in a strip show. Come, and see it. Book now for your own party or contact us at Newcastle strippers to know more how we can spice up your night!

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