How to Throw a Classy Hen’s Party With a Sexy Edge

How to Throw a Classy Hen's Party With a Sexy Edge -
April 1, 2018 hens party, Party Ideas

In the 40 years since throwing a hens party has become popular, it’s fallen into a kind of pattern. There are some predictable events and a fairly standard layout for the night. It starts with a few drinks, you go to an event like a concert or a dinner, and then there’s a short after party.

These hens parties tend to follow the same pattern where you might feel like if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to all of them. With a small amount of effort, you could make your hen’s party stand out. You’re trying to celebrate youth and single life, then why not make it a little wild and sexy.

If you’re up for something a little more fun but want to keep it classy, there are a few ways you can go about it. Try one of these 6 ideas for making your hen’s party a night to remember.

1. Try a Sexy Class

There are lots of different types of classes you could host at your house or rent out the back room of a bar for. If you’re going to be committing to a partner for the long term, you might want to bring a few tricks with you to keep things hot. A class on seduction or sex techniques could make be fun and exciting.

Hire some kind of “sexpert” to teach the art of oral perfection. You could all learn a thing or two about how to give pleasure to your partners or how to direct them in pleasing you. Your hen’s party could help your friends have better sex.

Some teachers will give the class an instruction on “the art of seduction“. You and your friends will learn how to talk dirty in the bedroom, how to get what you ask for, and how to ask your partners what they want.

Don’t be afraid of a few people blushing. A little sexual confidence can go a long way in making everyone’s sex lives a little more exciting.

2. Surprise Stripper Servers

You could go the fairly standard route for your hen’s party and hire some strippers to come in that classic cop uniform. They can bust through the door with a “noise complaint” and start dancing for everyone.

Another direction you could go in is to have a nice catered dinner at your place or somewhere intimate. Hire some strippers to pose as servers. Let them carry your food from the kitchen and show off their beefcake all the while.

Have some bills stashed for each of your hens to put in g-strings, thongs, and wherever else you’re allowed to slip some money. A short after-dinner performance could be a real crowd pleaser. Put together a great playlist, sit back, and enjoy the show.

3. Learn To Dance Yourself

Put the members of your hen’s party in the driver’s seat and learn to pole dance yourselves. Either install a temporary pole at your place or rent out a pole dancing studio. A class could be a fun bonding experience and let everyone feel empowered.

Hire a professional instructor to teach you so that no one gets hurt. To make it a little more exciting hire a few strippers as well to twirl around the room. They could inspire some really exciting work from the hens in your party.

Ask your dancer to teach your group a short routine that you can all work out together. Giving everyone a common and fun goal will lead to a really exciting bonding experience. Hens of every size should have no problem learning some way to move around that pole and turn on their partners.

How to Throw a Classy Hen's Party With a Sexy Edge -


4. A Little Burlesque

Burlesque shows are back in a big way. Nothing feels more exciting than watching bodies of all shapes and sizes strut their stuff in feathers, lace, and boas.

In burlesque, it’s all about the performance and costumes. Everyone can dance burlesque and make the room feel sexy. This is probably the classiest way to make your hen’s party sexy.

Watching a sensual and flirtatious show at a local club or “speakeasy” could be a fun way to spend your night.

See if you can end it with a private session with one of the dancers where you can all learn a few moves and a little routine. You could each take these moves with you to use in your own bedrooms later on.

5. Nude Drawing

If you’ve got an artsier crowd, why not take a drawing or painting class. Pair it with wine and some nude bodies and you’ve got the making of a very sexy hen’s party with a whole lot of class.

Book a couple of strippers for a few hours and ask them to come up with a few naughty but tasteful poses for you to draw. Hire any combination of men and women and do a few drawings of them posing together tastefully.

Get a tutor or a teacher on board and learn a few actual drawing skills while you’re at it. This could make for a hen’s party where your guests just might learn something.

6. Sexy Photo Shoot

If you know a great photographer and maybe a costume designer, hire them to help you plan your party. They could come up with a theme and a plan for your guests to take some fun, flirty, and sexy photos that they can show off to their partners.

You never know how much fun a few glasses of wine, a bit of sexy lingerie, and a camera can bring.

How to Throw a Classy Hen's Party With a Sexy Edge -

Your Hen’s Party Can Be Classy and Sexy

Your sexy party doesn’t need to be trashy at all. In fact, often classier is sexier. A class or a little bit of photographic evidence could be exactly what you need to keep things spicy after you finally settle down with the partner of your dreams.

If you’re looking for a few extra hot bodies to add to the mix of your next event, contact us to get matched up with some great models and dancers.

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