Most Popular and Unusual Costumes for Strippers

costumes for strippers
August 18, 2018 Stripper costumes

One must dress right to be able to do the job right. The same can be said for strippers. Dancing and gyrating in the buff are good, but costumes can add some spice and flavour to a performance. The costume that a Newcastle stripper wears affects the overall mood of the show. The theme of the occasion will also dictate what the stripper may wear and what is not appropriate.

Having a costume can also lead to many role-playing scenarios that both the stripper and the client can play out. Who wouldn’t want to have that, right? Here’s a quick list to give you an idea.

Popular male and female stripper costumes

These Newcastle stripper costumes are really popular with shows and clubs worldwide, and for good reasons. Check them out and see which one you fancy to make your hen’s or buck’s party more memorable (and wild!).

Sexy Cop

If you have been quite the naughty boy or girl, then get ready to be cuffed and punished by a hot and sexy fake cop. The thrill of being under the mercy of half-naked law enforcers adds to the excitement of the show. Cop costumes are popular with male strippers hired for hen parties and it never gets old. Hot cop walks in to arrest the ladies for being rowdy and noisy, but decides that he can join in the fun, making the ladies rowdier and noisier than ever!

Shy and Sexy Student

The student is a popular costume, mostly for female strippers. Most men love to be in control, and they do get a high from a shy and timid, yet smoking hot, student. The sexy student costume can lead to a variety of scenes for role-playing, which makes it effective and popular.

Smoking Firefighter

Who needs some rescuing? Flames will definitely be fanned to hotter temperatures when the smoking and smouldering firefighter walks in. The firefighter costume is more popular with male strippers. Half-naked firemen can sure stir up the frenzy of wild females. Expect the heat to be turned up, instead of the other way around.

Perky Santa Costume

Have you been good? It will always be Christmas with lovely and perky Santa Girls, and a hot Santa with a six-pack abs. You won’t need toys when your sexy Santa starts to do some serious lap dance on you. After your Santa is done with you, you will thank yourself for being good all year round.

unusual costumes for strippers

Great ideas for unusual stripper costumes

Peculiar tastes are not that uncommon really. What turns others on often leaves other cold. Here are some rather unusual stripper themes and costumes that you may fancy for your next party.

The Nerd

Throw in the thick glasses, a shock of hair, and some gaudy outfit. The nerd look works for both male and female strippers. Pair the look with some adorable and clumsy moves, your nerd stripper can throw in some good laughs before getting the main show started. And who says nerds can’t be hot?

Movie-based Costumes

If the star of the party is a certified movie buff, then you can hire strippers to wear something based from your friend’s ultimate movie. A sexy Storm Trooper will make the night even more unforgettable. A bosomy and sultry wizard or a hot superhero (or villain?) can surely make your party stand out.

Throw the perfect party with Newcastle Strippers!

Booking for a fun and outrageous hen’s or buck’s party has never been more convenient and easy with Newcastle Strippers. We have a wide range of fun and unique services that can make your party the night that everyone will never forget.

If you have a specific theme or costume in mind that you want your stripper to wear, do not hesitate to ask us when you book our services. Your friends and party goers will surely have the night of their lives, and they have you to thank for it.

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