Pole Dancing vs. Lap Dances

pole dancing vs lap dancing newcastle
May 9, 2019 newcastle strippers

If you are looking for the most enticing erotic entertainment around, then striptease is the performance you are looking for. Striptease offer a sensuality you just can’t find in other forms of dance. These seductive performances, after all, are meant to tease you through stripping. In striptease, the show goes on as the clothes go off.

Erotic dances may be performed in many different dance styles. Some of these dance forms include cage dancing, go-go dancing, table dancing, and grinding. But the two most common erotic dance styles are pole dances and lap dances. Both of these styles have their own merits that have made them famous.

To help you know what style of striptease is the one for you, let us look at these two forms of erotic dance. And yes, Captain Obvious: pole dancers dance on poles, and lap dancers dance on laps. But really, what is the difference between pole dancing and lap dancing?

what is pole dancing newcastle

What is Pole Dancing?

Pole dance is an art that combines erotic dancing and acrobatics. Of course, it requires the use of a vertical pole. Lately, it has become more than just an erotic dance in your local strip clubs. Some pole dancers do it not for striptease, but as a form of exercise and sport. It’s became so popular that pole dancing competitions are being held worldwide.

If you know a pole dancer, or perhaps tried to dance on a pole yourself, you probably know how difficult it is just to lift yourself up. A pole dancer needs a lot of muscle endurance and coordination just to hold their own weight and spin around the pole. Not to mention that the pole dancer has to keep their composure while performing the show. Truly, pole dances will amaze you, even if you are just in for the athleticism.

what is lap dancing newcastle

What are Lap Dances?

A lap dance, also known as a contact dance, is more sensual and erotic than the other types of dance. Lap dances are as close as you can be with a stripper. They will not dance on a pole or on a table; instead, they’d dance on you!

Lap dancers are responsible for giving you the most dazzling performance of your life. Depending on the situation, they will dance wearing skimpy clothes, topless, or sometimes fully nude. It takes a lot of confidence and passion for a lap dancer to pull off a fantastic performance for their patrons.

What striptease show should I choose?

Now that we know about these two popular erotic dances, we are left with the question: which of them is the best? Both of them are the best in their own right, so it all depends on your preference. To help narrow it down, you can ask yourself: Am I looking for a casual show or an intimate show?

Sometime you just want to sit back and relax while watching an amazing performance. Who wouldn’t want to feast their eyes with a seductive show with a dancer spinning and sliding on a long metal pole at the centre of the stage? If you are this type, then pole dances are for you.

On the other hand, sometimes you want more contact. At times like that, a visual spectacle is not enough to satisfy your desires. If you are in the mood for more physical entertainment, then go for lap dances.

The best pole dancers and lap dancers in Newcastle

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