Things You Should Know: How to Hire a Stripper

Things You Should Know: How to Hire a Stripper -
September 18, 2017 Stripper shows

Planning a bachelor party is a right of passage for many men. Before you get started, you should know the ins and outs of how to hire a stripper.

It’s your best boy, and it’s his last night before getting married. Most likely, (and ideally) he’ll be seeing the same woman naked for the rest of his life. So, you should go for the hire stripper option. He will probably thank you forever for this magical evening and last right of passage before the ceremony, as long as it’s done well.

Hiring a stripper for a bachelor party can be a couple things: 1) exciting and titillating or 2) too far and disastrous. It may sound like a simple task, but hiring the perfect stripper based on the groom you are hiring them for can be tricky. There are many elements at play (no pun intended).

Whether you are the best man or a close buddy in the wedding party, executing this important step can make all of the difference in how memorable and exciting his bachelor party will be.

We’ve researched the stripping and tipping trends you need to know before you hire stripper material that is worth your best mate.

1. Talk To Your Groom

The bachelor party is usually the one night of a man’s life where having a lap-dance and multiple cocktails are absolutely okay. This may be the only chance your buddy has of getting a little slap happy without having all of his belongings strewn about the lawn the next day.

Still, it is important to find exactly what is okay when it comes to the “hire stripper” idea. What does he want and what is his future wife okay with? The last thing you want is to wreck their honeymoon as he divulges exactly what went down the night before the big day.

The chances are good that your groom will be very excited about the idea of a stripper. Talk it out with him and figure out what he wants and what would make this the ultimate bachelor party that your friends won’t forget.

If she is hesitant and you’re the best man, maybe have a conversation with her. If you are cool to agree to very, very minimal terms when it comes to a stripper in front of her man, you can probably work out a deal.

2. To Hire Stripper, Know His Taste

Listen, you aren’t hiring a stripper based on what you know about his soon to be wife. You are hiring a stripper based on what his fantasies are. It’s his last night to entertain his inner dreams a little, so really school yourself on what he likes.

Get intimate with your buddy and dig deep into his inner workings. You may know his taste in women, but do you know his taste in strippers? Get candid and get fresh with the groom and find out exactly what he wants. After all, you are there to make his party the best it can be.

Ideally, his future wife is already on board with the idea of the groom having some strippers at the party. Consider what the groom fantasizes about seeing strippers in, costume wise. Is there specific music he wants playing?

Perhaps the groom has a bit of an S&M side- if so, find a stripper who is willing to wear leather or pleather while she dances. Ask the stripper if she has a whip she can bring (not a rare ask). Does your groom love girls in a lot of makeup or just a little? Does he prefer wild big hair or a slicked back look? Should the girls come in high stilettos or leather riding boots?

There are so many things to consider when executing what your man needs out of his stripper on the night of his bachelor party. Find out what it is that he wants and go swiftly in the direction to hire stripper pros that can come through with his fantasies!

3. Buck Up

When communicating with your potential stripper services, don’t be weird. Nervous young boys who are simply titillated to even make the call are an amateur hour tell-tale sign for any stripper. Don’t be that guy, no one likes that guy.

Be respectful and be professional as this is a business transaction. However, don’t be swindled. Stand strong in stating what you need and want for the bachelor party. When it comes to the “hire stripper” etiquette, be confident and grounded.

If you’ve got a lot of questions about the details different strippers have to offer, write them down beforehand and make sure and ask the agency in detail about them. Do you need pictures of the stripper? Do you need costume requests or referrals? Whatever the specifics are of your ideal stripper, ask and perhaps you shall receive.

The last thing you want is to pay for a stripper to come and let your groom down. If you feel a little nervous about calling, just become an actor for the duration of the phone call. Pretend you’re comfortable and get the deal done.

For your bucks party, remember to ask about packages.

4. Just The Tip

Clearly, strippers are generous people, so be generous in return to them. Make sure your entire bachelor party knows to bring a substantial amount of extra cash to tip the stripper both during and after their dance.

Strippers do expect tips, and the more you tip, the better the performance may be. Tipping can be a win win situation for everyone involved. Also, when it comes to the hire stripper cash situation, never ask them for the change! Asking for change is poor etiquette.

5. Create Guidelines

If your boys get rowdy, out of hand, and becomes disrespectful, then the party will soon be over. Make sure everyone knows what is okay and what isn’t. Speak in depth with your stripper about the rules and guidelines they may have while they are entertaining your guests

Every stripper will be different, so find the one that is the best fit for you and your party. It is extremely important to tell your boys to put their cell phones away, keep the cat calling to a minimum, and just enjoy the show like a gentleman (an excited gentleman, but gentlemen nonetheless.) Whether you’re hiring a female or male stripper for your groom, follow the rules.

Go Big or Go Home

When it comes to a bachelor party, it is best to literally go big or go home. Find the top agency with the best strippers in your city. When you’re ready to really turn the heat on with the best strippers at your party, hire us today!


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